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Advice for Applicants

Winning a job in mining will require you to demonstrate three things:

1) You want the job

2) You understand and can do the job

3) You will fit in with the organisation

As in all things, good preparation and commitment will be critical to success in your job hunt. 

Mining pre-requisites

No matter how much training you do there are certain personal skills and characteristics which will potentially make you a better potential employee on a mining site than other candidates.

Every mining company has certain minimum standards and these are a few of the key requirements which might make you a better fit for your chosen career in mining:

Helpful tricks of the trade to secure your work experience.

Applications and Interviews
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Ensure your company suited to the placement postition

Example interview questions

Helpful hints for applying for, interviewing for and securing your next role.

Austmine Webinar


You will be:

  • Fit and healthy and able to pass a full medical examination

  • Able to pass a pre-employment drug test

  • Able to provide/obtain a police clearance

  • Able to undertake work in mine/job role conditions eg work at heights or flying in small planes

  • Able to work safely in hazardous environments


You will:

  • Be willing to relocate to a remote area and/or

  • Be able to live away from family and friends for periods of time

  • Be willing to work night shifts

  • Be willing to work 12 hour shifts

  • Be keen to continue learning

  • Be willing and able to comply with company rules and regulations

  • Be able to work with other people from different backgrounds

  • Have a record of working safely

Additional Training

You will have:

  • Current drivers licence

  • Tickets or licences that might be applicable to the mining sector (ie forklift, white card, working at heights, working in confined spaces etc)

  • Senior First Aid Certificate

  • Training in WHS

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