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METS – Mining Equipment, Technology and Services

Austmine, the leading industry body for the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector has identified that:

  • over $90 billion in gross annual revenue is generated by the METS sector;

  • $15 billion in products and services are exported around the globe; and

  • $4 billion invested in research and development.


METS companies employ over 400,000 people in a broad range of occupations providing services to support the Australian resources sector.


In addition to providing essential services for mining operations, Australian METS companies are known globally for their innovative solutions, utilising cutting-edge technologies to solve the top industry challenges faced today.

METS companies have achieved great success through developing cost effective new technologies to improve mining operations':


  • Productivity and throughput

  • Safety

  • Equipment performance and asset health

  • Value chain optimisation

  • Operational processes and efficiency

  • Business systems

  • Environmental footprint and social license to operate


The leading edge technologies applied to achieve these improvements include: 

  • ArtificiaI Intelligence

  • Automation

  • Robotics

  • Mechanisation

  • IoT

  • Big Data

METS and Mining - Working Together


METS companies provide solutions to Mining challenges.

METS Ignited, the national industry growth centre for the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services sector, identified the key mining industry challenges as:


  • Greater understanding of the resource base

  • Boosting productivity and maintenance performance through analytics, connectivity and IoT

  • Optimising material and equipment flow, towards a continuous mining and processing mindset

  • Improving performance and reducing harm through mechanisation and automation

  • Selective mining and processing to boost processing intensity

  • Innovative mining and processing addressing difficult and presently uneconomic orebodies (e.g. low-grade)

  • Reducing mining’s footprint including boosting safety and environmental performance

  • improving stakeholder relations

  • Improving exploration for deep and remotely located minerals

METS Ignited report: Mining Innovation Key Mining Industry Challenges

Where to

There is a close relationship between the Mining industry and the METS sector.  The table below provides some insight into the METS industry categories and where they fit with the subsectors of the Mining industry.  The mining industry may carry out these functions within its own operations or engage a METS company to provide the product or service. 

Mining Subsector
METS Industry Categories
Chemical Processing
Analytical Laboratories and Supplies
Civil Construction
Mine Site Construction
Drilling and Blasting
Blasting Equipment and Services, Drilling Equipment and Services
Communications Systems, Control Systems, Electromechanical Equipment, Energy Power Generation, Lighting
Asset Management, Automation, Conveyor Equipment and Components, Fuels and Fuel Management, Hoisting Equipment and Components, Hydraulics and Pneumatics Equipment, Mineral Processing Equipment, Mineral Separation Systems, Mining Engineering and Design, Project Management, Research and Development
Environmental Equipment and Services, Mine Closure and Remediation
Financial Services
Exploration Equipment and Services, Geological Equipment and Services, Geophysical Equipment and Services, Geotechnical Equipment and Services
Human Resources and Training
Education, Mining Contracting, Recruitment and Personnel
Information Technology
Information Technology Hardware
Diesel Engines and Components, Equipment Maintenance, Mine Maintenance
Mechanical / Metal
Fabrication and Casting, Mine Heavy Vehicles, Mobile Equipment and Components
Quality / Safety / Health
Health and Medical Services
Transport and Logistics
Bulk Materials Handling
Where to from here?


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